Halion Gaeralagos

A cynical Sea Elf assassin searching for his sister's killer.


Halion is a 6′2″ Sea Elf. Halion has medium-blue skin and silvery light blue hair down to the top of his shoulders. He always carries his bow and a quiver full of arrows, as well as two daggers. He is fairly thin, although he is much stronger than he looks and is very light on his feet.


Note: pronounced HAL-ee-un gera-LAWG-ose


Halion Gaeralagos is a Sea Elf ranger, age 55 (born 2698). Halion had a difficult childhood. The ongoing war with the Flaming Empire had caused a lot of people to worry that Sea Elves might defect to the Flaming Empire to join their elf brethren, so Sea Elves were treated with suspicion. Furthermore, there was a gang known as “The True Enlightened” that had begun terrorizing Halion’s village. Halion’s mom, an experienced fighter herself, taught Halion and his sister Faervel how to defend themselves. Halion loved fighting, and devoted much of his time to practicing close-quarters fighting, also teaching himself how to use a bow. Halion also learned the art of stealth – he often needed to steal food for his family or hide from the True Enlightened. Faervel, however, was dissatisfied with Halion’s “beat everyone up and take their stuff” problem solving strategy, and began to seek out a permanent solution to Sea Elf impoverishment.

At age 17, he moved to Bronzetown and worked at various odd jobs, all the while refining his skills. At age 22, he began working as a hired assassin. His assassinations often had to do with the war – he assassinated many generals, ruling family members, and protestors on both sides. 7 years later, he met Victor Stonefield and began working with him. They became good friends and partners.

When Halion was 43, Victor was killed in a zombie attack on his village. Halion was devastated. The only survivor was Jasun Stonefield, Victor’s son.

Meanwhile Faervel had been making friends with the ruling families, trying to convince them to help impoverished Sea Elves and to end the war. Halion began working almost exclusively for her, acting as her personal guard, assassinating her opponents, and occasionally attacking the Enlightened Empire’s forces to ensure a Flaming Elf victory.

A month ago, she was killed by an assassin. Halion has determined that the assassin was a dwarf, and that they are going to try to escape to the Bluedeep Isles on the Torche. Halion has joined the crew of the Torche to try and find out who killed his sister.


Halion doesn’t like Humans or Dwarves. He feels, like many Sea Elves, that the Humans and Dwarves stole the Sea Elves’ rightful land. Furthermore, Humans and Dwarves have forced Sea Elves into poverty, and most Humans and Dwarves see Sea Elves as lesser and treat them as such.

Halion feels some kinship with Goblins. They are essentially in the same boat as Sea Elves – Goblins are treated badly by most Humans and Dwarves, and nearly all Goblins are poor.

Note, however, that Halion is more likely to be friendly to Dwarves or Humans if he feels they understand the Sea Elf plight. For example, he is friendly towards Captain Onasi because Onasi’s parents were Goblins, so he will be sympathetic to those who have been forced into second-class citizenship.

Halion is somewhat cynical. Some examples: He doesn’t trust anyone until he knows them pretty well (though he is more trusting of Sea Elves). He believes that it’s essentially impossible for Sea Elves to ever gain equality with Humans and Dwarves. He’ll almost never help someone for free. He is atheist, believing that there are no gods – at most there are delusional, powerful wizards who have convinced themselves that they are a god.

Fun fact: In Elvish, Halion means hidden boy, and Gaeralagos means sea storm.

Halion Gaeralagos

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