Jasun Stonefield

Carson's character - a Human rogue


Two blades
Two faces
Two times the amount of fun


Character History

Born as the first son of Victor, an assassin turned farmer and friend of Halion Gaeralagos, Jasun grew up in simple farming village of Stonefield. Around the age of 7, Victor revealed to him that he use to be an assassin and taught him many of the skills that he had learned over the years. The art of silence, slide of hand, how to hold and fight with a blade. Jasun loved everything he was taught and practiced every day.

When Jasun was 10, tragedy struck the small town of Stonefield. A dark wizard had been terrorizing the land, eventually making his way to the small farming town. He used necrotic magic to raise the dead and amassed an army of zombies, burning and pillaging everything in site. When the horde made it’s way to Jasun’s house, he and his father fought to protect their family (Jasun’s mother and three younger siblings). It became apparent that they could not fight them forever, and eventually Victor fell protecting his family. Before Jasun had time to react, Yuggo appeared before him. He gave young Jasun two options, parish with the rest of the town, or to allow him and another to survive. Overcome with grief, Jasun wished only to save who he could, and as such took the second option. The god simply nodded and Jasun blacked out.

When he came too, Jasun was atop a hill on the outskirts of the city. Below him he could see Stonefield burning to the ground. Nothing was left, not buildings nor people. No one. Jasun was alone. The one possession he had left was his father’s short sword.

As time moved on Jasun made his way to Bronzetown, where he would remain until his early 20’s. Never having a formal job or quite recovering from the loss of his home, he lived most of his life as a street urchin. He stole from vendors and ran from guards but only to help himself and others. Often he goes hungry while feeding other homeless children. After a few years in the city his memories of his childhood faded, leaving him with nothing but guilt, a broken mind, and his last name.

Over time he made a friend in the mine, Squee Grabgrub, who he regularly traded with. Squee Grabgrub would ask for specific item’s in return for food and clothing. Often times Jasun would awake with said items in his pocket, but having no recollection of where they came from.

Something about meeting Roland, maybe have him train me more, and connecting that with his past, then end up on a boat

Character Traits

Jasun is a very interesting character. For starters, he has, over time, lost the concept of death. He simply accepts that people are sleeping, even those who die at his own hands. No one can make him understand what is truly happening. As a result of his childhood, Jasun has a very broken mind. He often acts profoundly childish, takes pleasure in simple things, and is very caring and friendly towards others.

But Jasun has a darker side, a ‘gift’ from a god, a second survivor. In a more basic sense, this is a survival mode. A do or die adrenaline rush that turns Jasun into an simple minded, murderous, psychopath. Craving the site of crimson, he often dismembers or tortures people prior to their death. While simple minded in his goals, this side of Jasun relies mostly on information presented to him rather than what he knows (i.e. who is friend and who is foe). At a cost of said coherent thinking, Jasun also gains strength and endurance in this mode, focusing more on violence than finesse.

Both sides of Jasun carry over a dual bladed fighting style, based on the training from his father. He is nimble and acrobatic from his days spent running from the guards, and has learned to move in the shadows to avoid detection to get what he needs. While he would prefer not to fight with people, Jasun will back those who he trusts if things get heated. Jasun is often on edge around magic as a result of his past, and yet oddly accepting of zombies.

Fun Fact:
Jasun is a really simple anagram for Janus, the Greek/Roman god of beginnings, transitions and ends. He is often symbolized with doors and other portals, but more importantly is depicted with two faces. One watching the past and the other the future.

Jasun Stonefield

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