Soren Tellius

The Wayward Scholar


Soren is a tactician and diplomat from the Wizard College of the Enlightened Kingdom. His primary role in travelling to the Bluedeep Isles is to survey the lands and determine whether or not they hold anything worth studying. His discoveries may lead to the construction of a new college on the isles. He has white hair that reaches down to his elbows and bright, Cyan colored eyes. His skin is a pale, light blue that is uncommon among sea elves. Although he cannot explain it himself, most people speculate that his light skin is due to the fact that he has never lived in an aquatic environment.

Soren’s personal goal is to support his family by any means necessary. The only family he has left is his cousin and aunt whom he had lived with since his childhood. Soren was orphaned because of his parent’s deaths during the war between the Enlightened Empire and the Flaming Empire. After their deaths, he went on to live with his uncle and aunt, along with their young daughter. He lived happily for a few years, but that dream-like state of happiness was taken away from him as soon as his uncle became bed-ridden due to a horrible illness. With no one else to help with the bills, Soren became the breadwinner of the household. With the responsibility of taking care of a family riding on his young shoulders, Pearce was forced into a stage of maturity that is usually unknown to other people of his age. He worked hard and made a name for himself within the city. When his cousin had professed an interest in studying abroad, he worked even harder to procure enough money to pay for her intuition.

To do this, he moved to the imperial capital and lived as an indentured slave to one of the lesser noble houses of the city. Once his contract with the family ended, he moved to the urban district and began looking for a new way to earn money. The contacts that he made as a slave benefited him greatly, as his friends eventually directed him to a thieving crew that only ran high-end operations. Being familiar with the layout of most noble houses, Soren was quickly accepted into the crew and began his new life as a strategist for the urban underground. Ciel, a friend of his who was naturally inclined in the arcane arts and one of his most trusted friends, was also a member of this crew. The two formed an intimate relationship after a year of working with each other. She also helped Soren understand his potential as a wizard and showed him the basics around the art. Being the opportunist that he is, he used magic in unconventional ways to aid him in his thievery. As the years passed, Soren’s fame in the underground community increased. He spent an amazing amount of time studying the arcane with the limited resources that he had, and with both magic and tactical prowess at his disposal, he was regarded as one of the most efficient and sagacious strategists to have ever worked as a thief.

Later on, the Enlightened Empire took interest in his skills, and he was recruited to become one of their leading tacticians in the war against the Flaming Empire. Wanting to get revenge for the death of his parents, he gladly joined the conflict. He served the empire well, as most of the battles he participated in came out as decisive victories.

After the war ended, Soren was scouted by the Wizard College to join their ranks. Impressed by his raw skill and potential with the arcane and advanced tactics, he was to use both hits wits and power to be a proper representative of the college in political settings both in and outside the Empire’s borders. Although he initially planned to decline the offer due to his ties with Ciel’s group, most of his friends, including Ciel, convinced him to take the offer. For the last three years, he has travelled abroad for his studies.

Soren Tellius

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