Flaming Empire

The Flaming Empire is the southernmost empire in The Old World. It is directly south of the Enlightened Empire.

The Flaming Empire was previously at war with the Enlightened Empire, but as of 2751 an agreement has been reached.

The Flaming Empire has a history of political turmoil. Originally a land ruled by the Flaming Elves, it was conquered by the Humans in 1972. For many years, there were internally struggles between elf rebels and human rulers. Eventually, in 2401, the Flaming Elves took power again. They have held the power in the Flaming Empire since. The Flaming Empire is effectively a monarchy, ruled by a Flaming Elf royal family.

There are rumors that the Royal Family has plans to send a ship to settle a colony in The Bluedeep Isles.

Flaming Empire

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