Hey all!

Here’s the Bluedeep Isles campaign wiki, for all your information needs.

And HERE’s a link to the Main Page.


All players MUST check with Hank before adding a page to the wiki or changing an existing page. You can create your character sheet and change it at will, but anything on the wiki itself must be passed by Hank.


If you can see it on the wiki, you can assume your character knows it. There is a system in place for me to make secrets and edit visibility (Well, it will be once I upgrade my account. I’ll do that once we have everyone on the wiki, just waiting so I know we’ll get use out of this). That means that reading the wiki and using that knowledge is not metagaming. HOWEVER, make sure to just message me anything you want to be secret about your character, so we can make sure other players don’t see it.

Bluedeep Isles

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