Landon Eddleson

A charismatic cleric who is looking to adventure and discover the secrets of Ktu m Tajiic


- Basic Statistics -

Species: Human
Class: Cleric
Age: 31 years
Height, Weight: 6’0’’, 195 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic good
Deity: Shubni (although Landons belief in the Ktu m Tajiic suggests that he may not recognize any deity.)

Quick Blurb About Landon

Landon seeks to find more evidence that the Ktu m Tajiic is real, and to gather a following. He also pursues wealth and has an urge to adventure and explore. Landon is most often upbeat and social. Though he enjoys large groups he tends to be laid back and calm. Landon promises to uphold justice, but believes that strict law often gets in the way of what is best for everyone. For example he might have issues with killing someone he thinks hasn’t done anything seriously wrong, but might be fine with vigilante justice.


Landon Eddleson was born to an upper middle class family in Bronzetown. As a young boy he was drawn to economics and trade. Sadly these subjects were mostly ignored due to the War between the Enlightened Empire and Flaming Empire. It was technology and man power that would win the war not economics and trade. Landan decided that it was his duty to continue his education on his own. Using a considerable chunk of his family’s money, Landon set off to explore economics further south

Times were tough at first. Living in Bronzetown all his life had given Landon only a small glimpse of the world. Landon soon learned that the world was much more vast, complex, and tragic than it was back home. Landon had a couple quick stints at different jobs, but there was simply no one in large scale trade that wanted an apprentice for anything other than a pack mule. It was during this time that Landon decided that he wanted to explore and adventure.

Landon returned back to the Enlightened Empire and applied for a position at Headerman’s Maps. Headerman’s Maps is the largest map making organization in the Enlightened Empire and is often sponsored by towns or governments to explore and map out land. Landon landed the position and began to learn the art of exploration as well as map making. Most of Landon’s work was mapping out towns and minor roads with a fellow adventurer named Tryon. The two became close and spent as much time embracing the culture of these towns as they did mapping them.

On one particular adventure the two were in the largely unexplored central region of the Flaming Empire. The two took shelter in a shallow cave, but soon discovered they were not alone. Every square inch of rock wall was covered with words. Neither Landon nor Tryon recognized the language. The language seemed far from that of even tribal people. Lines passed through some groups of letters while other letters were left untouched. Some letters were oddly slanted to the left or to the right. Landon thought the writing was interesting, but simply noted it in his journal and went to sleep.

When Landon woke up the writing on the wall had completely changed. The words had transformed and were now in Common. This freaked Landon out so much that he wrote every single word down in his journal. The writing was a sort of Holy Scripture called Ktu m Tajiic. It outlined a very radical form of belief compared to what most people currently believe. Landon became infatuated with the Ktu m Tajiic, and vowed to spread these ideas to the masses.

Tryon disagreed with the ideas proposed by the writing and wanted nothing to do with it.

While the two were spending time in the small costal port known as Hinterland Harbor, a group of three men approached Landon and Tryon. As it turned out Tryon had misrepresented his credentials. He had failed to mention some previous criminal activity and had greatly down played his love for beer. Tryon was fired and Landon was tasked with continuing his work on his own.

Landon longed for a new friend to share his map making and adventuring with. Only a few days later Landon found a dwarf named Fein. Fein was alone and without belongings due to some unfortunate events. Landon invited Fein to join Headerman’s Maps and Fein agreed. The two traveled back to Headerman’s headquarters, but the company refused to hire Fein. This angered Landon who then left the group.

Landon was picked as a crew member on the Torche due to his impressive map making skills and occasionally strong leadership abilities. Landon looks forward to exploring, and discovering more evidence that the Ktu m Tajiic is real.

Landon Eddleson

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